Family Jewelry Business Finds Value in Customer Service

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Stanley and Rose Wateski established Rainbow Jewelers in the 1970s, selling jewelry at open-air venues such as area fairs and festivals. At that time, its specialty was turquoise jewelry, a popular fashion of the day for everyone from kids to grandparents. The Wateskis purchased their merchandise directly from manufacturers and Native American reservations. As the popularity of their inventory grew into the mid 80s, the couple– who is from the area– inevitably opened a shop in Swoyersville.

Rainbow Jewelers moved into its current location in 1998, setting up shop on one of the busiest corners on Wyoming Avenue.

As luck would have it, the decision to move there was a smart business move. The family is quick to agree that it is a “great location.”


Why is Gold So Valuable?

Why is Gold so valuable Sell your gold at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston PAThroughout history, gold has remained the universal symbol of wealth. Even today, as gold prices remain strong, selling your unusable gold can still be a good source of income! With impending bills and a slow economy, why not put your broken or unwanted gold "to work" by selling it?

Bring your valuable unused precious metals to an experienced jeweler- one who has been buying gold, silver, diamonds, flatware, and coins for over 30 years -- Rainbow Jewelers.

But, what makes gold so valuable? In ancient times, the attraction of gold was based on the beauty of the metal. We now know about the many other exceptional qualities of gold which make it so desirable.


Class Rings

Class Rings at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston PAGraduation is coming up! At Rainbow Jewelers, we offer a number of ring styles and sizes customized for each local high school. Send your son or daughter into the next chapter of his or her life with a class ring.



Carrots, Karats, or Carats -- What's Your Favorite?

Gold Silver and  Jewelry Buying at Rainbow Jewelers Kingston PA

With the rising cost of gas, groceries, and other everday needs, people are looking for more cash.

Rainbow Jewelers wants to keep their valued customers informed about how buying and selling jewelry, gold, and sterling silvers can bring in more funds. Rainbow Jewelers has an experienced group of professionals who specialize in buying your unwanted, unused, or broken jewelry. Having been in the business for over 30 years, Rainbow Jewelers is a well known, family-owned business with a name and reputation you can trust.



Bookmark Our Website for Current Gold Prices

Gold Buying and Selling in Kingston PA at Rainbow Jewelers

Rainbow Jewelers is a trusted name in the Wyoming Valley, and the first place that should come to mind when thinking of gold buying and selling. 

With over 30 years in the business, we’ve garnered vast experience in buying gold, silver, and other precious metals and large diamonds.


Introducing Diva Diamonds

Diva Diamonds by Ostbye are now available at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA. A few months ago, we started offering Diva Diamonds, a collection from designer Ostbye. We are so excited to make this beautiful diamond-accented sterling silver fashion jewelry available to you at an affordable price. This line of jewelry provides us with breathtaking Diva-bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings.


Gemstone Engagement Rings

Unique and colorful gemstone engagement rings available at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA. Brides today are more daring than ever when it comes to fashion choices.

Rather than playing it safe by following tradition, they are letting their personality shine with bold fashion statements- especially jewelry choices. 

Couples have been choosing non-traditional engagement rings as a way of making the engagement occasion special and personal to their relationship. A customary white diamond is no longer the status quo for engaged women. Colorful stones and unique settings have made their way onto the left hands of women in love. 


Going to Great Lengths: Finding the Perfect Necklace

Find the perfect length necklace for your look with help from Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA. Finding the right necklace length for your outfit can be the difference between a spectacular look and one that’s just ho-hum. Rainbow Jewelers can help you match your outfit’s neckline with the right necklace length.


It's Not Easy Being Green

When your finger turns green from your ring, go to Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston PAIt happens to the best of us- you get a brand new ring, wear it for a few hours, and when you take it off you notice the skin on your finger has turned an unattractive shade of green.

Why do certain rings leave behind a green stain on the skin? You may have heard that this is the result of wearing cheap jewelry. Although this may be true in some cases, there are several factors that need to be weighed into the equation before you go jumping to any conclusions. 


A Rainbow of Gold at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston PAA Rainbow of Gold

Standard silver and gold jewelry will always be treasured, but jewelry-wearers are expanding their interest to include colored metals, especially when it comes to gold. Because gold is such a soft metal, it is mixed with other metals for added strength. The metals (often silver and copper) are added in small amounts, so the yellow color is not affected. Gold “colors” are achieved by mixing enough metals with the yellow gold until a different hue is reached.


Mom's Most Treasured Gift

Get personalized POSH Mommy gifts at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA. Before you know it, trees will start changing- their leaves will fall and snow will line their bare branches. It isn’t too early to start thinking of gift ideas for the holiday season.

Many of us go into the holiday unprepared; why not get started early and spare yourself some time to enjoy the season? But what to get for our loved ones? If you are shopping for a mother or grandmother, Rainbow Jewelers can certainly help.


Birthstone JewelryBirthstone Jewelry at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston PA

More than likely, you know the birthstone that represents your birth month. But do you know what that stone symbolizes?
Rainbow Jewelers offers a variety of birthstone jewelry fashioned into bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings as well as designers such as POSH Mommy and Reflection Beads to celebrate the special day of you or your loved ones’ birth. Read on to see which gemstone represents your birthstone, and what it says about you!


Colors to Look for This Fall

Pantone Fashion Color Report 2014 at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA. Autumn is upon us again!

With the new season, Pantone encourages it's audience to follow the changing weather by expressing a new style that compliments the brisk days and warm tones of the surrounding nature.

Every year, Pantone releases the top ten colors to look out for during the Spring, and again during the Fall. Based on runway innovations and runway trends, Pantone pinpoints the colors of the season! This autumn, they’ve chosen very rich, intense colors. See how you can incorporate these colors into your wardrobe, and check out the selection of trendy jewelry at Rainbow Jewelers.


Nikki Lissoni- What’s Inside Counts

Nikki Lissoni customizable jewelry now available at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA.Your jewelry collection is uniquely yours- each piece says something about you. Never before has individuality been so widely celebrated. Customizable jewelry offers the ability to personally design pieces that fit your lifestyle. 

Rainbow Jewelers is happy to introduce Nikki Lissoni- an innovative line of interchangeable locket jewelry- which allows women to build a completely unique collection of jewelry.


Last Minute Christmas Cash? Sell Your Gold

Sell your gold and get some easy cash for last minute holiday shopping at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA.Wallets can be tight this time of year with holiday preparations and shopping, shopping, shopping. For some extra holiday cash, bring your gold jewelry to Rainbow Jewelers.

We pay top dollar for gold- plus we buy flatware, coins, silver, platinum, and large diamonds. The experienced professionals at Rainbow Jewelers have been working in the industry for over 40 years, and offer honest opinions and expertise. Visit Rainbow Jewelers this the holiday season to sell your gold for cash- you may even spot some great gifts for your loved ones!

Jewelry Tree vs. Jewelry Box

Learn to store your jewelry the right way from the experts at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA.Where do you keep your jewelry? While jewelry boxes may be the most traditional answer, many people have shifted to a more modern look by hanging jewelry on the elegant branches of a jewelry tree.

Using a jewelry tree keeps your favorite pieces easily accessible and organized, not to mention beautifully displayed. While this method of jewelry storing is aesthetically pleasing and certainly more convenient, be careful that you aren’t damaging your most precious and valued pieces. Leaving all your precious metals out exposes them to temperature changes and light rays that may cause tarnishing.
The downside to keeping everything in a jewelry box is that often times necklaces and bracelets tangle, earrings separate, and beloved pieces are lost and forgotten. 


Chains on the Runway 

Chain Jewelry at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston PAPopular jewelry in the 2013/2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this year were oversized chain sautoir, bracelets, and earrings. Designers like Chanel, Lanvin, and Michael Kors displayed offbeat accessories to express a fresh look for the upcoming year. Chains on the Runway


Brands We Carry