Rainbow Jewelers is a trusted name in the Wyoming Valley, and the first place that should come to mind when thinking of gold buying and selling.

With over 30 years in the business, we’ve garnered vast experience in buying gold, silver, and other precious metals and large diamonds.

To find the most up to date prices of gold, Rainbow Jewelers turns to Kitco. Kitco is a reputable international company that buys and sells precious metals and is world-renowned for reporting the most current prices. In fact, you can access the Kitco graph that shows the current price as well as trending for gold directly from our site. By using Kitco’s reporting, we keep customers up to date on current gold standards, and it allows us to pay the highest premium for your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and coins.

If you aren’t quite ready to sell, come to Rainbow Jewelers for an estimate on your pieces. With friendly and expert staff, we can help you choose the best option. Unlike other gold buyers, there is no pressure to sell. We want to help you make a decision that is beneficial to you.
When it comes time to sell your unwanted gold or jewelry, choose the name with a reputation built on a foundation of quality products, excellent service, and trusted prices.
Choose Rainbow Jewelers.