With the rising cost of gas, groceries, and other everyday needs, people are looking for more cash.

Rainbow Jewelers wants to keep their valued customers informed about how buying and selling jewelry, gold, and sterling silvers can bring in more funds. Rainbow Jewelers has an experienced group of professionals who specialize in buying your unwanted, unused, or broken jewelry. Having been in the business for over 30 years, Rainbow Jewelers is a well known, family-owned business with a name and reputation you can trust.

Let’s start with the basics- the amount of money you’ll get for your gold is based on its karat count and the current market price. You’re familiar with the term- “24 karat gold,” for example- but what does it really mean?

Gold karats refer to the amount of pure gold in an item. Because gold is a soft metal, it is often mixed with stronger metals to make a stronger piece of jewelry. The percentage of gold is based on a scale of 24 units. If a piece of jewelry is 24 karat gold, that means it has 24 parts pure gold. A 14 karat gold piece has 14 parts pure gold, and 10 parts other material. The more gold an item has, the more value it has.

Gold karats are not to be confused with diamond carats. These kinds of carats refer to a diamond’s size. Carats are also used when measuring other precious stones or pearls. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams.

Based on the diamond’s weight, a one-carat diamond will come in around 6.5 millimeters in width. Especially in diamond rings with more than one diamond, the carat size can be classified as TW (total carat weight). This includes all the diamonds in the carat measurement. Large stones are rare and therefore more expensive.

Though they have the same carat size, a large 1-carat diamond will be worth much more than a 1-carat necklace made up of several small diamonds. While a high carat diamond is desirable, there are other factors that make a diamond valuable. When shopping for a diamond, always remember the four C’s- carat, color, clarity, and cut. Rainbow Jewelers specializes in not just the purchase of gold, but the purchase of diamonds as well. If you are interested in selling diamonds, bring them to Rainbow Jewelers for an evaluation of their carat size and their current cash value.

While jewelry terminology can be confusing, it is important to be educated when looking to sell your gold or other precious metals and diamonds. Rainbow Jewelers purchases on carat diamonds or larger. The experienced professionals at Rainbow’s will examine each item with you and explain, using layman’s language, how they determine the true value of your pieces. Then you will have the information to make the decision. Remember to choose Rainbow Jewelers when looking to sell you carats or karats, but not your carrots!