Autumn is upon us again!

With the new season, Pantone encourages it’s audience to follow the changing weather by expressing a new style that compliments the brisk days and warm tones of the surrounding nature.

Every year, Pantone releases the top ten colors to look out for during the Spring, and again during the Fall. Based on runway innovations and runway trends, Pantone pinpoints the colors of the season! This autumn, they’ve chosen very rich, intense colors. See how you can incorporate these colors into your wardrobe, and check out the selection of trendy jewelry at Rainbow Jewelers.

Pantone Fashion Color Report 2014 at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA.

The first color is Emerald, which also happens to be Pantone’s Color of the Year. Pantone carefully chooses the Color of the Year based on the extensive research of art, fashion, home interior and film trends. According to Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, emerald is “The most abundant hue in nature, the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum. This powerful and universally appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors.”

The next color of Fall, according to Pantone, is Mykonos Blue. This bold, meditative hue is perfect for a classic and relaxed look this fall. Pantone suggests pairing this brilliant blue with Linden Green or Emerald.

Speaking of Linden Green, that’s another color of the season. While Emerald and Mykonos Blue bring out the brilliant deep tones of fall, Linden Green contrasts the deep colors of the season with a certain brightness and luminosity.

The elegant Acai brings a deep richness to the fall pallet, and adds a powerful “wow” factor to any outfit or jewelry combination by pairing with colors like Emerald or Samba.

Samba is a deep red, perfect for expressing a striking vivid mood in your appearance. Samba is well-paired with Acai, as mentioned above, and Turbulence.

Koi is an energetic orange, serving as a spirited statement that brings an element of life to any outfit. The brilliant orange said to be paired well with Emerald and Vivacious.

Another spirited hue this season Vivacious– a deep fuchsia, adding a certain sensuality to the pallet. Vivacious is said to pair well with Deep Linchen Green, a very earthy tone that provides a contrasting, anchoring color to the wild pink. Together they show both sides of the spectrum of fall tones.

To wrap it up, we have our two most neutral colors. Although classic and a lasting, substitute black with Turbulence– a dark gray, or Carafe– a rich brown for the fall months. These colors show the somber side of the fall color spectrum, and are paired well with brighter, more lively shades such as KoiVivacious, and Samba.