Published in IndependentNEPA Magazine

Stanley and Rose Wateski established Rainbow Jewelers in the 1970s, selling jewelry at open-air venues such as area fairs and festivals. At that time, its specialty was turquoise jewelry, a popular fashion of the day for everyone from kids to grandparents. The Wateskis purchased their merchandise directly from manufacturers and Native American reservations. As the popularity of their inventory grew into the mid-80s, the couple– who is from the area– inevitably opened a shop in Swoyersville.

Rainbow Jewelers moved into its current location in 1998, setting up shop on one of the busiest corners on Wyoming Avenue.

As luck would have it, the decision to move there was a smart business move. The family is quick to agree that it is a “great location.”

Another facet of Rainbow Jewelers since the 70s has been it’s dealing with all types of precious metals. As gold remains at an all-time high, the Wateskis have continued to purchase gold, platinum, and coins. As they deal directly with gold refineries, they are able to pay customers what their items are really worth, thus eliminating the “middle man.”

“Sometimes people are nervous about selling their jewelry,” Rose explained. “They shouldn’t be though, because every customer who walks in the door is treated like family.”

“Whether your item is a family heirloom from your great grandmother or an old broken bracelet that’s been sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box, we are here, to be honest, and fair with our customers,” Stan added.

At Rainbow Jewelers, the primary form of advertising is word of mouth. After four decades of helping the public, its reputation has carried through several generations.

“Customers being happy and telling other people is always the best way to gain business,” the family members agreed.

Stanley and Rose acknowledge that they have been very fortunate – pointing out that the store is always busy. In a time when many businesses are facing economic hardships, the couple credits its continued success to a loyal customer base and jewelry that is high quality and a great value.

“If you make a good name for yourself and you’re honest, you’ve got it made,” Rose concluded.