Brides today are more daring than ever when it comes to fashion choices.

Rather than playing it safe by following tradition, they are letting their personality shine with bold fashion statements- especially jewelry choices.

Couples have been choosing non-traditional engagement rings as a way of making the engagement occasion special and personal to their relationship. A customary white diamond is no longer the status quo for engaged women. Colorful stones and unique settings have made their way onto the left hands of women in love.

The colored gemstone trend may have taken flight when Kate Middleton wore a blue sapphire and white diamond ring down the aisle during one of the most watched weddings of the century. In fact, the royal family has always paved their own style, as the sapphire ring was originally chosen by the beloved Princess Diana right after becoming engaged to Charles in 1981.

Brides haven’t abandoned all aspects of tradition, though. Many are blending important wedding conventions and unique personal touches. Why not a sapphire ring as your something blue? As legend has it, when a sapphire is present in a wedding band, the bride and groom are ensured a long, happy marriage. In fact, every color gemstone is said to have meaning behind it- possibly another reason colorful rings are sought after by future brides.

A yellow gemstone, for instance, is said to represent optimism, companionable, enthusiasm, and high-spiritedness. A purple gemstone represents love, nobility, spirituality, and dignity. Even a black diamond can represent security, success, happiness, health, reliability, and strength.

Whatever the personalities of you and your future spouse, we encourage you to create your wedding day in a way that celebrates the unique bond the two of you share. Let Rainbow Jewelers show you the variety of engagement ring choices to find “that special one” you will always love and cherish.