Finding the right necklace length for your outfit can be the difference between a spectacular look and one that’s just ho-hum. Rainbow Jewelers can help you match your outfit’s neckline with the right necklace length.

Find the perfect length necklace for your look with help from Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA. Collar

12-13 inches
This necklace sits high on the neck and pairs well with a v-neck or off-the-shoulder neckline. Because it can hide the necklace, hair should be pulled away from the face and neck with this necklace length.


14-16 inches
Many people confuse the choker with the collar necklace. A choker actually sits just along the base of the neck. The choker pairs well with round necklines, like boat necks and scoop necks.


17-19 inches
The princess necklace is the most common necklace length, because of its versatility. Not only is it ideal for both a pendant or a strand of pearls or bead, it complements high cut necklines like crewnecks, or plunging necklines. This length is the safest bet for a necklace length. It can be worn as a casual day piece or an elegant evening piece.


20-24 inches
This necklace is similar to the princess, but it will fall just above the bust. As its name suggests, it works well with daytime outfits. You’ll notice this length paired with both casual and professional outfits.


28-34 inches
The opera necklace is another versatile choice if you aren’t sure what length to wear. The opera can be worn at its full length, doubled up to create a two-strand shorter length, or knotted at the bust for a unique, faux pendant.


37 inches or longer
Pearls are often seen in this long necklace length. The rope or lariat can be manipulated much like the opera necklace because of its length. A long necklace will add a touch of elegance, making it especially complementary to evening wear.