Where do you keep your jewelry?

While jewelry boxes may be the most traditional answer, many people have shifted to a more modern look by hanging jewelry on the elegant branches of a jewelry tree.

Using a jewelry tree keeps your favorite pieces easily accessible and organized, not to mention beautifully displayed. While this method of jewelry storing is aesthetically pleasing and certainly more convenient, be careful that you aren’t damaging your most precious and valued pieces. Leaving all your precious metals out exposes them to temperature changes and light rays that may cause tarnishing.
The downside to keeping everything in a jewelry box is that often times necklaces and bracelets tangle, earrings separate, and beloved pieces are lost and forgotten.

So what is the best way to store jewelry? There are hundreds of innovative jewelry compartments on the market that provide an equal amount of organization and protection.
No matter what you choose, be sure to keep your most precious metals — gold, silver, and platinum — in a closed compartment, unless you plan to wear them daily. Stowing away a wedding ring or necklace overnight may not serve a great purpose if you’re only going to bring it out again the next morning. Other metals like titanium and stainless steel can be displayed in the open air without worry of decreasing value.