Before you know it, trees will start changing- their leaves will fall and snow will line their bare branches. It isn’t too early to start thinking of gift ideas for the holiday season.

Many of us go into the holiday unprepared; why not get started early and spare yourself some time to enjoy the season? But what to get for our loved ones? If you are shopping for a mother or grandmother, Rainbow Jewelers can certainly help.

POSH Mommy is a line of jewelry made for mothers. And what’s closest to a mother’s heart? Her children. POSH Mommy allows you to give a personalized gift that features the birthstones, birthdays, and/ or names of her children. Choose from sterling silver, 14 karat gold, and gold vermeil engraved dog tags, discs, squares, and loops.

Get personalized POSH Mommy gifts at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA. Have up to four tall or mini dog tags with any combination of children’s birthdays, birthstones, names, or other personal text. Start small with a POSH Mommy loop, and as the family grows, you can add more loops to layer! This is a unique gift that will touch Mom’s heart. POSH Mommy is committed to producing products that are durable, sophisticated, and personal.

Get personalized POSH Mommy gifts at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA. Visit Rainbow Jewelers to order your personalized POSH Mommy gift, and be ready ahead of time for the holidays with a gift that Mom, Grandma, or the Mrs. will treasure for years to come.