Your jewelry collection is uniquely yours- each piece says something about you. Never before has individuality been so widely celebrated. Customizable jewelry offers the ability to personally design pieces that fit your lifestyle.

Rainbow Jewelers is happy to introduce Nikki Lissoni- an innovative line of interchangeable locket jewelry- which allows women to build a completely unique collection of jewelry.

Nikki Lissoni features necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with interchangeable coins. The idea was sparked by a Lissoni family tradition with the powerful reminder that “it’s what’s inside that counts”. Founder Nikki Lissoni wanted to create an unconventional line of jewelry that allowed consumers to specially choose coins that uniquely represent them. Start by choosing a silver, gold, or rose gold pendant frame. Then select your coins. With over 300 designs to choose from, you’re sure to find coins that fit you. You’ll create a jewelry collection of countless combinations, all in one piece! It’s easy to change the coins whenever you’re ready to switch up your style.

All Nikki Lissoni is plated in thick gold, silver, or rose gold. The brand has gained attention for the exceptional luster and beauty of it’s rose gold. You can find coins designed with Swarovski Elements, mother of pearl, baked enamel, and semi-precious stones like jasper, tiger’s eye, and amazonite.

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Nikki Lissoni customizable jewelry now available at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston, PA.