Throughout history, gold has remained the universal symbol of wealth.

Even today, as gold prices remain strong, selling your unusable gold can still be a good source of income! With impending bills and a slow economy, why not put your broken or unwanted gold “to work” by selling it?

Bring your valuable unused precious metals to an experienced jeweler- one who has been buying gold, silver, diamonds, flatware, and coins for over 30 years — Rainbow Jewelers.

But, what makes gold so valuable? In ancient times, the attraction of gold was based on the beauty of the metal. We now know about the many other exceptional qualities of gold which make it so desirable.

For starters, gold is malleable, meaning we can bend it out of shape without having to worry about it breaking or cracking apart.

Second, gold is the most ductile among all metals, meaning we can stretch it into a very thin strand without having to worry about it losing toughness or becoming brittle.

In addition, gold has the ability to conduct heat and electricity longer than any other metal and cannot be impaired by rust, corrosion, or oxidation.

Sell your gold at Rainbow Jewelers in Kingston PARainbow Jewelers is dedicated to keeping our customers informed and up to date onall the current gold standards. Rather than putting your trust in one of the many gold buying companies who have only recently been established due to the rising cost of gold, consider doing business with the oldest family-owned jeweler in the Wyoming Valley: Rainbow Jewelers.